Sunday, March 30, 2014

Donate Fashion.

Donate Fashion.

Ojalá entre todos pudiéramos poner de moda iniciativas como ésta:
Humana, la ONGD que recoge, clasifica y comercializa prendas de segunda mano con fines solidarios, ha puesto en marcha un proyecto que fomenta la donación de prendas para promover la protección del medio ambiente y la cooperación al desarrollo.
Se llama Donate Fashion.
Es algo diferente: en este portal de moda, lo que se lleva, es ser solidario.
No te lo pierdas. Entra en y dona esas prendas que ya no te pones
Aunque no las uses, son más útiles que nunca.

Since I was a fashion student in Holland I loved buying second hand clothes.
Not only because it was cheap, no, I especially liked it because it was more interesting. I always found something different.
In Spain it was difficult to find second hand clothes shops. But now, the last ten years or so, this changed. In Barcelona we have a lot of Humana shops and I assure you that I always find something I like. From simple T-shirts to beautiful jackets, every time I enter one of the shops, I find something. Most of the clothes are like new. Years ago I made myself a promise: I wouldn’t buy any clothes which were not sustainable, so Humana is a good option for me.
Today even Humana surprised me, looking for something in the Vintage part of the shop in the Calle Asturias in Barcelona, I found the perfect outfit for this spring: 50’s style, clear blue and very combinable with the garments in my wardrobe. Here I show you the photographs so you can see for yourself.

Here’s the whole suit, combined with sneakers. I love sneakers, not only because they’re very practical when you have to run to catch a train, but also because they give a touch of informality that I like very much.

Here a bit more formal, with high heels. I would wear it like this too, on certain occasions.
I combine it with black, a predominating color in my wardrobe. This T-shirt has three-quarter sleeves and I found it in Humana a few weeks ago, I bought it for 1 €.

Here with an oversized sweater and black high tops. I love this look and I’m sure I’m going to wear it like this a lot.

Another look that I like, with a black dress I bought in Humana a few years ago. With sneakers, of course.

With antique ski pants found in the vintage part of a Humana shop two years ago and a turtleneck sweater. Combined with high tops. It’s going to be my favorite.